Liquid manure vessel, also where installed on vehicles has filling and emptying device with pump and vacuum compressor for its evacuation


The liquid manure vessel, also where it is installed on a vehicle, has a filling and emptying device, with a pump and vacuum compressor for its evacuation. It also has a drive unit connectable to the drive shaft of a towing vehicle. The drive unit (3) has a differential (14) and the pump (1) together with the vacuum compressor (2) are each connected by a shaft (15,16) with the differential. In the drive unit a gear (17) is incorporated. The pump is particularly of the wet-running centrifugal type. The pump and/or the vacuum compressor can also be directly connected with the differential. In the vessel (9) is a closable venting device. The vacuum pump is equipped with an automatic cut-out, e.g. a time relay. The time relay and the venting device are connected to each other from a control technique point of view.




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